Helios Strategia is an international EPC company in the field of solar energy.

For the last ten years, the world solar energy market has grown on 50%. In some countries, the share of solar energy production among all others reaches a quarter. Costa Rica, for example, has already completely switched to renewable energy sources, and Sweden has set a plan to do this by 2040. Green Tariff is introduced in many countries as a motivating factor for development and investment. This is a special type of tariff, under which the state buys electricity produced at non-carbon renewable electricity facilities. Also, various tax incentives and simplifications can be introduced when importing equipment. As a result, the development of renewable energy in such countries is rapidly accelerating.


These initiatives testify to the prospects of the direction and guarantee the further demand for solar energy in the world and Ukrainian markets. What is more, this energy is obviously inexhaustible, relatively inexpensive, environmentally friendly and, of course, profitable.


Helios Strategia is a reliable partner in solar energy. We can design, supply equipment and build a solar power plant, also we can attract additional investments into your project.


Helios Strategia


Design supply of equipment, construction of solar power plants.


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