Helios Strategia: on the renewable energy market since 2011. We implement projects from the position of the owner and in the context of a rapid investment return

Helios Strategia is an international group of companies that implement solar energy projects and provide full-cycle services of land plots allocation, engineering, PV-equipment procurement (for industrial and domestic SPPs),
construction and installation works. Founded in 2011. Helios Strategia Group has a strong experience in implementing solar projects by delivering EPC.


Both under the harsh conditions of the Arctic Circle and under the hot light of the African sun, we are ready to share our solar ideas with humanity.

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years in the market.

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MWp total capacity of completed
projects realized by providing EPC.

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GW Total capacity of solar power plants with
fragmentary participation of Helios Strategia Group.

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local companies around the world.

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MWp total capacity of completed
projects realized by providing EPC.

We create possibilities for the society of the future, for the new improved world of ideas and for providing everyone with affordable, safe and environmentally friendly energy at work, at home and while having a rest

Helios Strategia strives to bring affordable, sustainable and safe energy to our customers. Our sustainability approach enables us to achieve long-term growth while following environmentally and socially responsible practices.


Helios Strategia is an idea of the clean energy and an improved world. It is known that ideas unite people.


Helios Strategia unites a society that recognizes its mistakes and realizes the need for change; investors and customers who believe in these changes and had become an important part of them; like-minded people, including partners and manufacturers who have become the basis of change; a team of creators that are united around the idea of creating new possibilities.


Our goal is to unite the modern society around the idea of clean energy for the creating new possibilities together.


We are balancing our business model across growth, liquidity and profitability. During the EPC contract we are reducing, reusing and recycling biological fuel. That`s why new economical possibilities are opening for our clients.

Our history


More than 400 MW of projects have been implemented on the basis of EPC. The number of projects in which the group of companies took part in fragments reached 1 GW.

Dynamic development of partner companies in the EU and the USA.


The line of 210 MWp of completed projects has been crossed; another 250 MWp will be completed before the end of the year.


Construction of solar power plant (10.77 MW) in Nikopol for the company «TIU Canada». This project received the award «The best big PV installation» in Cisolar Awards 2018.


The project «Sunlight Energy SPP» received the award «The best station of average size» in the Cisolar Awards 2017 Odessa. The project «Megapack» received the award «The best project of Eastern Europe» in SEF Awards 2017.


Opening of representative offices in Poland and Senegal. Obtaining the status of service partner of SMA Solar Technology in Ukraine.


Construction of the solar power plant beyond the Arctic Circle. The project is included to the Guinness Book of Records, because it is the first solar power plant in world history which was built beyond the Arctic Circle. Opening of representative office in Kazakhstan.


Start of working as an EPC contractor, implementation the first full-scale full-cycle projects.


Ingoing to Moldovan and Belarusian markets of equipment for solar power plants. Realizing the project of solar power plant in Prahova County, Romania (2,8 MW).


Foundation of Helios Strategia in Ukraine. Implementation of engineering department for the maintenance of solar station projects.


Olena Skrypnyk


Lev Muzyka

Technical Director in Ukraine

Denys Skrypnyk

Director of Central Asian region development

Alina Nekrasova

Chief lawyer in Ukraine

Ruslan Tymoshenko

Taxes and fees consultant

Vladyslav Shevchenko

Chief Marketing Officer

Mariia Yelahina

Head of Design department

Volodymyr Merkulov

Head of Development department in Ukraine