The team is the main value for Helios Strategia. World`s changes becomes possible only when we are together

All members of our team have a high level of corporate responsibility, because right now we are changing the world by our own hands. We are looking for the same responsible people who are devoted to the idea and ready to become a part of the company Helios Strategia. What we are doing today determines what the world will be like tomorrow.

To make the new workplace comfortable for everyone who decided to join us, we had created a special HR strategy. It is aimed at rapid adaptation, effective work and the professional growth of each employee. So, one of the fundamental principles of Helios Strategia is the continuous growth. This applies to the personal development of employees who regularly participate in seminars and workshops from the world's leading manufacturers (SMA and others), study foreign languages together and have an unique opportunity to exchange experience with professionals from different countries (visiting exhibitions, seminars and conferences in different continents).

We are convinced that the success is possible only if the team is friendly, that's why we constantly conduct activities to rally the team. Corporate tourism in our company is on the high level. We have already visited Georgia, Slovakia, Poland, and we continue to travel together.

There are some aspects to which you have to be prepared while working with us. Helios Strategia is an international organization, so most of our employees often travel on business trips around the world. We are ready to help young specialists to get into the profession and the specifics of the work more quickly. On the other hand, we always expect from them a high level of education and a desire to continue studying. Helios Strategia is a democratic company, we take into account everyone's opinion and are ready to discuss all the current issues at the round table.

Helios Strategia is opened to new people and meetings. We offer you to look at the list of current vacancies and contact us to discuss the details.

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