Helios Strategia is a large supplier of solar modules class “A”, inverters, solar direct current cable and other necessary equipment for the construction of solar power plants

Helios Strategia maintains stable partnerships with major global suppliers. We provide comprehensive marketing, technical and informational support to buyers of equipment from our warehouses. We have wholesale prices, full technical and warranty service, we provide promotional materials from suppliers, conduct information seminars on the basis of dealers.

The warehouse base allows us to have a constant supply of products, which we are ready to supply at the first necessity according to the principle "Just in time".

Our advantages:


Shipments "Just in time": we have the largest warehouse in Ukraine and a big warehouse in Poland


Service and warranty support from the manufacturer. Fulfillment of warranty obligations is governed by a direct contract with the manufacturer


Only the best of products class "A". All our suppliers are included in the top 10 manufacturers by Bloomberg rating (the most status analytic of business information in the world)


We work directly with the largest manufacturers: Trina Solar, Longi Solar, Jinko Solar, JA Solar, SMA, Fronius, Zeversolar

Suppliers and partners of Helios Strategia. Largest manufacturers of solar panels and inverters

SMA Solar Technology

The best manufacturer of inverters for photovoltaic systems SMA in the world. More than 3000 employees in 20 countries. SMA has been defining technological trends in inverter technology for 35 years. Today this company continues its innovation activities and stimulates the development of renewable energy sources around the world.

LONGi Solar

Production of high-performance mono-crystalline solar elements and modules. The LONGi Solar team delivered more than 1 GW of products in 2015 and continues to increase sales from year to year.

Jinko Solar

Recognized world leader in the field of solar industry. Jinko Solar manufactures poly- and mono-crystalline solar modules. In the Bloomberg's list of Tier 1 the company is among the top three since 2016.

Trina Solar

The leading developer of the smart solar solutions. Trina Solar offers PV products with a high quality. Trina Solar also offers annexes and services to promote global sustainable development of solar energy. During 2017, the company delivered more than 32 GW of solar modules around the world (they account for more than 10% of the world market of solar energy).

JA Solar

Manufacturer of highly effective solar panels. JA Solar products are used in utility, commercial and residential areas. In 2018, in total, more than 11 GW of solar module supplies have already been produced. JA Solar is one of the top five manufacturers of modules in the world.


Since 2007 the company has been the largest Chinese manufacturer of solar inverters, and since 2013 Zeversolar has become a part of the German company SMA. Zeversolar manufactures single-phase and three-phases inverters for private and commercial projects, as well as central inverters for industrial use.


Austrian supplier of inverters. Fronius has been working in the solar energy market for 20 years. Today, all inverters produced by this company are characterized by very high quality and reliability. Fronius has 24 representative offices on 4 continents.

Warranty for equipment. Technical service

Cooperation with reliable manufacturers allows us and our customers to be assured of the fulfillment of warranty obligations.

If the problem that has arisen during the operation of the equipment is included in the warranty list (it is stipulated before purchasing the products), we will help you in its solution for free. There are probably two ways: repair or replacement of equipment. No matter which variant will be chosen the best, for the time of repair or waiting for the delivery of new equipment, we will provide the customer with spare equipment from our warehouse. Thus, the SPP will work smoothly, and no one will have financial losses.

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