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Investing in renewable energy

We can describe the sector of renewable energy as a fast growing. Moreover, in the solar energy sector is seeing falling of costs. Equipment is getting cheaper, the demand for cheap clean energy is growing higher. That's why today investing in renewable energy is one of the most perspective business activities.

How investors may be able to benefit from the growth of the renewable energy sector?

  • According to authoritative international analytical publications (IRENA, Bloomberg etc), solar energy is predicted to become the fastest-growing energy source over the next 20 years (other renewables have slightly less prospects). It means that the investor gets a business which has guaranteed demand during the next 20 years.
  • The humanity's needs for energy are growing every day. Naturally, most of people will choose cheap and safe energy. In addition, the amount of traditional energy sources on the planet is rapidly declining. Thus, oil and gas giants become weak competitors in the energy market.
  • Fulfillment of international obligations. By developing alternative energy, you support the process of globalization. Most developed countries have responsibilities and government programs to develop alternative energy. For example, the UK is bound by the national Climate Change Act, which demands an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas pollution by 2050. There is a government program of stimulations in Ukraine. Within the framework of this program the state buys excess of electricity at high prices. China’s government intends to invest $361 billion into renewable fuel by 2020.
  • Guaranteed return on investment. A deposit in a bank or buying a property does not give such guarantees. Investing in solar energy is cost-effective and will pay off quickly.
  • Developing of eco-friendly technologies is nobly and honorably.
  • Easy way to become an investor. There are many investment trusts in this area: iShares Global Clean Energy ETF, Pictet Clean Energy, Foresight Solar etc. You can choose one of them and join.

If you are interested in the topic of investing in solar energy or any other renewables, Helios Strategia will support your initiative. Contact us to share your ideas and become an investor.

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