The development of all available renewable energy sources is the main reference point for the work of Helios Strategia

For the full realization of our mission (providing every person with affordable, safe and environmentally friendly energy) we are ready to use all available tools and introduce new ones. So, besides the development of solar energy, we support the development and implementation of innovations in the field of other renewable energy sources.

Today solar energy is the undisputed leader in the field of renewable energy. Nevertheless, solar energy is characterized by the influence of the seasonality factor — therefore the installation of the SPP is ineffective in some areas of the globe. To remove this feature and to achieve the spread of clean energy even in the most remote corners of the planet, we have chosen a number of the most perspective RES.

If you have suggestions in the areas of energy generation from wind, water or biofuel, we will render our assistance in designing, attracting investments, supplying equipment and building. Helios Strategia is your reliable partner in the field of alternative energy.

Wind power