Bioenergetics is a process of generation of clean energy from biological fuel

In the conditions of modern highly efficient production humanity produces an incredible amount of biological waste. Chips, granules, briquettes and gases - these and many other types of processed biofuels are used to generate energy. This raw material is environmentally friendly and participates in the process of generation of electricity and heat — both separately and together (cogeneration).

This is a relatively young technology. It was developed simultaneously with the emergence of the first biofuel companies. Bioenergetics is the most developed in the countries of European Union. Nevertheless, throughout the world, enterprises transfer their boiler houses to organic fuels.

Ubiquitous introduction of bioenergy solves a number of important tasks. First of all, it provides the population with the necessary energy, making enterprises, regions and countries energetically independent. Secondly, it negates the problem of safe disposal of waste, some of which are toxic. Thirdly, this method allows to provide the clean energy to the most distant points of the globe, because its using does not require the presence of special geographical and climatic conditions.

Potential investors in this industry are agricultural enterprises which produce the largest amount of organic waste. If you are interested in this information, please contact Helios Strategia — we are ready to become a reliable assistant in the process of introducing bioenergy.