Micro- and small hydroelectric power plants: safe energy of water without damaging the river bed

Hydropower is usually referred to traditional sources of energy. Usually it is not considered the most environmentally friendly of traditional sources of energy. To avoid this and make it possible to generate clean energy from water, there were developed projects of micro- and small hydroelectric power plants.

There are micro HPPs (up to 100 kW) and small HPPs (from 100 kW to 10 MW). World leaders in the construction of HPP of this type are China, Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Canada, USA.

This sphere is the most perspective in the highlands which are full of small rugged mountain rivers. A lot of hills and mountains is the perfect landscape. Besides, micro- and small hydroelectric power plants can be placed on the basis of existing large hydropower plants. As a rule, in the presence of large hydropower stations, the channel is already deformed. Construction of new eco-friendly hydropower plants in such places (near dams) is possible without causing additional damage.

Forest and mountain regions are the least suitable to the development of solar energy there. By developing safe generation of water energy there, we will be able to distribute renewable energy sources all over the planet, increasing the share of RES in the world energy complex.

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