The kinetic energy of the wind is a safe source of electricity and heat

Today wind power is one of the most dynamically developing segments of RES. The history of wind energy is rooted in the millennia, and during this time it has established itself as a reliable and highly efficient industry. A special interest in it appeared in the 1970s after the oil crisis. Already for fifty years, new technologies have been developed to optimize the process of generating energy from the wind.

Wind generators are always used to generate electricity. The power of generators depends on the size of the blade (the volume of the air that the blade moves) and the height of the structure. Really powerful systems (3 MW or more) are located at a height of one hundred meters. For private using people usually use wind generators of a much smaller height (from 10 meters).

Wind power has great potential for development in the plains. Steppes, plains, seashore are perfectly blown by the winds. In the world wind power plants are also common in the sea. World leaders of this direction are Denmark, Netherlands, Germany. Obviously, forest and mountain regions are not suitable for the development of wind energy.

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