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Utility solar power plant in the Mykolayiv region. The capacity of the SPP is 6.41 MW, it is adapted for the sale of electricity by “feed-in” tariff

Sunlight Energy SPP produces 6620 MWh per year


EPC — all works were completed on a turnkey basis


Ukraine, Mykolaiv region

Commission date:



15,9 ha

Power capacity (MWp):



About the project:

The contract for the construction of the object was signed on May 12, 2016 in the format of "general contractor". SPP includes three stages and the construction process can be divided into three blocks:

  • The first stage (3,49 MW) was built in December 2016, and its operation began in April 2017. The contract from the state-owned enterprise Energorynok was signed in May 2017. At the same time, we were preparing for the construction of the next stage.
  • The construction of the second stage (1.46 MW) was completed simultaneously with the commissioning of the first one in May 2017. It was put into operation in July, in parallel, the preparatory stage for the construction of the third one also began.
  • The start of operation of the third phase of SPP began in July 2017, the finish line in December of the same year.

All the deadlines corresponded to the plan. All construction and installation activities of the project are executed on time and in accordance with the contract.



The main tasks that the client set for us at the briefings of the project:

— Using the electrical equipment class "A" for construction of SPP;

— The facility must be equipped with an industrial level security system with remote access;

— Avoid shading modules at any time of year;

— A system for monitoring the operation of a SPP in real time with remote access must be established.


During the project implementation we succeeded:

— Reduce power losses by 2% at maximum permissible loads on the sides of DC and AC;

— Increase real output relative to the estimated (PVSyst).

Completed works:

Development of the land plot

— Searching for the optimal plot of land;

— Purchase of land;

— Geological survey and geodetic analysis;

— Change of the designated purpose of the land;

— Obtaining technical conditions for connection to networks.

Development of a solar power plant project

— Development of basic technical solutions;

— Preparation of the statement of work for the design;

— Designing the scheme for the issuance of electric power, the automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption and external electrical networks;

— Preparation of project and working documentation.

Construction and installation activities

— Getting a declaration on the beginning of construction works;

— Preparation the land to the beginning of the construction;

— Construction of SPP;

— Obtaining an object availability declaration;

— Connection to electrical grids.

Registration of “feed-in” tariff

— Obtaining a license for generating electricity;

— Testing of the automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption;

— Approval of “feed-in” tariff;

— Registration of membership in the wholesale electricity market;

— Registration of membership in the wholesale electricity market;


PV module

Trina Solar 265 W, 18 722 pcs.


PV module

Trina Solar TSM-295 W, Mono, 6 800 pcs.  


SMA STP 25000TL, 237  pcs.
SMA STP 20000TL, 3  pcs.

Solar cable

HIS cable (own import), section not less than 6 mm2

Security system

1. Sectional fence
2. Egoza
3. Perimeter security system

Mounting system

1. The static <30
2. Rotary (one axial) <25, <33, <40

Installation of piles was implemented by the method of machine piling into the ground.


For SSP of this size service staff of 7 people, led by an engineer, is enough

Helios Strategia and Sunlight Energy signed memorandums on social partnership with the Voskresensky Rada, at the moment a number of initiatives have been launched to improve the infrastructure of Voskresenske village.


Awards of the project:


The best PV project of medium size (from 200 kW to 5 MW)