We implement our projects in time, and we always do this according to the international standards of quality. Helios Strategia considers all of the investor's interests to gain the highest profitability of solar power plant.

To gain our global goals, including the reducing of the electricity cost and making the energy eco-friendly and safe, we work in such directions:

  • Evaluation of investment prospects. Calculation of the optimal amount of investments. Choosing the amount of investments and terms of their profitability;
  • Design and engineering based on costumer's accessible material and financial bases. Satisfaction of the customer's needs and expectations about size and profitability of SPP;
  • Full cycle of construction works. Our builders are ready to implement any engineering SPP project on a turnkey basis;
  • Procurement and delivery of all necessary equipment. It became possible thanks to effective communication with the biggest manufactures of solar energy equipment in the world (LONGi Solar, SMA, Zeversolar etc.);
  • Service support: solution of bureaucratic issues, financial document management, preparation of reports, ongoing repairs and maintenance.

We offer you to learn more about the features of the services that we provide.

Projecting and building of turnkey projects of ground and roof solar power plants.

A full number of works to ensure the effective functioning of SPP.

Choosing and analysis of perspective objects for investments by our financiers.